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Home Health Aides and Skilled Nurses

Home healthcare can be defined as an act of taking care of people in their own home and be looked after instead of being institutionalized in nursing homes and hospitals where they might feel depressed and isolated from their love ones. Our homes are where we unwind and relax, celebrate special times and move through… Continue Reading

Medicaid Home Healthcare

It’s a good thing to know that a majority of medical treatments, which could only be obtained in health care facilities, can presently be received from the comfort of the home. A lot of individuals in the society today prefer receiving health care services at home because of its convenience and the fact that the… Continue Reading

Home Healthcare and Medicare

Home healthcare is basically about providing medical treatment to the patients at their homes to avoid admission in hospitals. People feel at much ease when they are taken care of at home, medically. The home environment helps them to heal faster and avoid the mental stress that they might experience in a hospital ward. It… Continue Reading

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Therapy is an essential part of an person’s recovery after an illness, injury or surgery.  Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy may be provided through home health care in order to speed up the recovery.  Individuals who receive therapy through a home healthcare agency regain their independence in a familiar and convenient atmosphere.  Furthermore,… Continue Reading

Deciding on Home Healthcare for Seniors

According to the U.S. Administration on Aging, by 2030, twenty percent of the United States population will be aged 65 and older.  Over the next decade, caring for these individuals is going to become quite challenging for their families.  In many circumstances, families are going to consider in-home supportive care through a home healthcare agency. It… Continue Reading

Safety for the Home Healthcare Worker

One of the issues with home healthcare is safety, not only for the people who receive care at home, but also for healthcare workers as well.  Home healthcare workers have very little control over their work environments.  Home healthcare employees face a significant number of safety risks including: falling heavy lifting fatigue (This is the… Continue Reading

Safety of Home Health Care Recipients

An important issue in home health care is the safety of those receiving care at home.  Unfortunately, the elderly as well as anyone who is disabled (permanently or temporarily) are at risk for home invasion scams.  There are people who prey on those who need home health care.     The scams are usually run by… Continue Reading

Home Health Care in Royse City, Texas

The top go-to home health care provider in the area is Texas Prime Healthcare.  Texas Prime Healthcare is located about 30 minutes East of downtown Dallas in the small town of Royse City, Texas.  Texas Prime Healthcare provides home care services such as skilled nursing care, rehabilitation therapies, medical social services and home health aides.  The services… Continue Reading

Wound Care at Home

Wound Care is one of the quickest growing need for home healthcare services.  Studies have shown that wound care is responsible for more than one third of home healthcare patient needs and about forty-two percent of these patients have multiple wounds.  Home health wound care involves the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic wounds in a home environment.… Continue Reading

Oncology Home Care

Oncology is the study and treatment of tumors.  Today, more and more cancer patients are being treated at home through a home healthcare service.  Having a skilled oncology nurse participating in patient care, helps to ensure the patient’s safety and physical and emotional functioning while at home. The Role of the Oncology Skilled Nurse  Assessing the Patient… Continue Reading

Who Is Texas Prime Healthcare and What Services Do They Provide?

Texas Prime Healthcare is owned and operated by Meg Jones.  Based in Royse City, Texas, Texas Prime Healthcare is a top provider of quality home healthcare.  Our friendly, state licensed nurses make your home care their number one priority.  At Texas Prime Healthcare, we treat our patients as if they were our own family, providing… Continue Reading

What is Home Healthcare?

Being released from the hospital does not necessarily mean that you are completely healed or even feel 100% yourself. Many people are still in need of medical help for at least a few weeks after a hospital stay. It is at this time, that home healthcare is recommended, and Texas Prime Healthcare is proud to… Continue Reading

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