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Oncology Home Care
Oncology is the study and treatment of tumors.  Today, more and more cancer patients are being treated at home through a home healthcare service.  Having a skilled oncology nurse participating in patient care, helps to ensure the patient’s safety and physical and emotional functioning while at home.
The Role of the Oncology Skilled Nurse 
  • Assessing the Patient  –  Skilled nurses should possess an expertise in assessing a person’s physical/emotional state, health history, health practices and as well a a person and their family’s level of knowledge about the disease/treatment.  The skilled nurse will also know the results of any and all laboratory testing in order to provide proper home care. 
  • Educating the Patient and the Family  –  Skilled nurses probably have the best opportunity to educate patients and their families effectively.  People learn through continuous reinforcement.  The skilled nurse has the best opportunity to provide this as he/she is there during the entire course of treatment.  The skilled nurse becomes a trusted confidant and informant.  The home nurse may use written and/or visual aids as well as referrals to other professionals or support programs available to the patient and his/her family. 
  • Direct Patient Care  –  Some oncology patients may require home care involving chemotherapy.  While there is no National certification, training courses are available and skilled nurses do receive the proper training in administering chemotherapy. 
  • Symptom Management – There are a huge number of symptoms that cancer patients face during treatment.  The skilled nurse is trained to evaluate the symptoms and initiate a plan to help manage the symptoms.
  • Supportive Care  –  Skilled nurses spend more time with patients while they are in pain than anyone else in the medical community.  This is why the skilled nurse must know how to assess the pain as well as how to manage the pain.  It is also the job of the skilled nurse to assist and support the family of the oncology patient when it comes to survivorship.
  • Coordinate Care  –  This responsibility of the skilled nurse may very well be the most important.  Therefore, the skilled nurse must be fully involved in all areas of the patient’s care, including direct patient care, education, therapy, referral appointments, emergencies and follow up. The skilled nurse is an oncology patient’s first line of communication. 
Skilled nurses provide health care to improve the lives of people living with vance.   Texas Prime Healthcare offers specialty home care for cancer patients with the hops of easing their pain and suffering.
To further discuss your home healthcare options, call Texas Prime Healthcare, located in Royse City, Texas.  Texas Prime Healthcare offers skilled nursing, home health aides and a variety of therapies in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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