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Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
Therapy is an essential part of an person’s recovery after an illness, injury or surgery.  Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy may be provided through home health care in order to speed up the recovery.  Individuals who receive therapy through a home healthcare agency regain their independence in a familiar and convenient atmosphere.  Furthermore, family members and close friends are able to take part in the rehabilitation more easily.
Regain Function with Physical Therapy

Licensed physical therapists have experience in assisting and helping patients recover from the following occurrences:

  • difficulty walking
  • loss of balance
  • a fall
  • joint pain
  • back pain
  • hip/knee replacement surgery
  • a stroke
  • a heart attack
  • heart failure
Through physical activity, exercise and massage, physical therapy aids in strengthening, healing and relieving pain. Some of the techniques used in physical therapy center around:
  • learning to walk
  • learning to use a cane
  • learning to use a walker
  • learning to use a wheelchair
  • learning to use an artificial limb
Get Back to Daily Activities with Occupational Therapy
Performing daily living activities, such as dressing and feeding, is often taken for granted.  Losing the ability to do these activities may be due to:
  • a stroke
  • hip/knee replacement surgery
  • heart failure
  • a heart attack
  • joint pain in hands, arms or shoulders
  • declining memory
Occupational therapy helps to improve daily skills and/or teaches the patient a new way to perform certain tasks.  A doctor’s referral is required in order for a patient to receive occupational therapy.  The therapists will then evaluate the patient.  The person’s physical, psychological, and social well-being, as well as environmental factors will all be taken into account when developing a rehabilitation plan.  It is the goal of occupational therapy to help the patient return to their prior level of independence when performing daily tasks.
Regain Independence with Speech Therapy
Speech therapists help patients to restore their language and communication skills.  However, speech therapy is not just to regain the ability to talk.  Patients receiving speech therapy may also need to learn to swallow or breathe again.  People who have had a stroke or a heart attack or those who just have difficulties swallowing and speaking may seek speech therapy in a home health care setting.
Home healthcare therapists treat patients of all ages in order to help the patient regain physical, occupational and language skills.  Home based therapies often have quicker recoveries times because the patient is more comfortable in their home than in an unfamiliar place.
To further discuss your home healthcare therapy options, call Texas Prime Healthcare, located in Royse City, Texas.  Texas Prime Healthcare offers licensed therapists in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

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