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What is Home Healthcare?

Being released from the hospital does not necessarily mean that you are completely healed or even feel 100% yourself. Many people are still in need of medical help for at least a few weeks after a hospital stay. It is at this time, that home healthcare is recommended, and Texas Prime Healthcare is proud to make HOME an alternative for you.

Home healthcare is a broad term used to describe a variety of services given in a home setting to a person with an illness or an injury, that does not still require hospitalization. Even though home healthcare is less expensive and more convenient, home healthcare is equivalent to the care a person would receive at a hospital or nursing facility.

A doctor must order home healthcare. Once this is done, the home health agency will come talk to you about your health and your needs. A home healthcare plan will be established and then approved by your primary doctor. The staff at the home health agency will keep the doctor informed of your care as well as your progress.

The home healthcare staff will visit you as often as the doctor orders. However, it is important to know that the while home healthcare staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the services provided by home healthcare staff are part-time. Depending on your plan, a home nurse may visit you up to several times per week. Most likely, visits will not be on a daily basis. Home healthcare does not replace every day care. It is also important to know that doctor’s are not part of home healthcare and will not be visiting your home.

A typical visit from a home health nurse should include:

  • checking your vitals
  • checking that you are taking your medications properly
  • reviewing what you are eating/drinking
  • inquiring about any pain
  • checking that you are safe in the home
  • teaching you about your care so that you may do it on your own
  • coordinating your care between you, your doctor, the home healthcare agency as well as anyone else who may be helping you.
  • some services may include short term assistance with personal tasks such as bathing and dressing.

When starting home healthcare services, be sure you understand what the plan of action is, how often visits are and how to contact the home healthcare agency. Home healthcare will help you get better and become as independent as possible.


To further discuss your home healthcare options, call Texas Prime Healthcare, located in Royse City, Texas.  Texas Prime Healthcare offers skilled nursing, home health aides and a variety of therapies in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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